The Harvest Book Series

First episode of the harvest series


Look for Episode 2 in February 2016.

The Harvest Series Synopsis

What would you do if in your darkest hour God called you into the middle of a spiritual warzone? Asked you for unyielding faith when all your faith was gone?

What if He told you to lead when you didn't know how to follow? To speak when you didn’t know how to listen? To fight when you didn’t have the strength?

And as God whispers, "Do not be afraid," "believe,” an army surrounds you and destruction is decreed.

What would you do? Run? Hide? Disappear?

Or would you finally find enough faith to believe and become a part of …

…The Harvest?

series description

My book is currently being offered only on  It will be ready for full release on all ebook resellers in February 2016.

Mahla Etan is returning home to wrap things up after being given a terminal diagnosis. But during a seemingly random trip with her family and Dr. Edgar Fields, her life is thrown for an unexpected turn.

Dr. Edgar Fields is her surrogate father, friend and confidante.  He offers her something that no one else has been able to: Hope. In a time when all else has failed--her family is hurting, their finances are crumbling, and mysterious black shadows are threatening her sanity--Mahla wonders if maybe Edgar’s cozy cabin in the woods is just what she needs.  Unbeknownst to her, God has another plan.

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